Strategic Plan 2020-24

Our Vision 

To make fishing better, for everyone! 

Our Mission 

VRFish works to make fishing better through leadership in advocacy, policy development and fisher participation. 

We work towards making fishing better by: 

  • Protecting our fishing future 
  • Enhancing our fishing experiences 
  • Leading and innovating 

Our Values 

Respect for People: we value our people and their diversity, knowledge and experiences 

Innovative: we are willing to try new things in our pursuit of excellence

Integrity: we are accountable, honest, ethical and genuine; we celebrate the good things we do and learn from our setbacks. 

Evidence-based: we critically consider all the available evidence and data in developing our policy 

Passion: our love of fishing drives us to be persistent and tenacious in our vision to make fishing better 

Our Guiding Principles 

  • Maintaining recreational fisher’s social license to operate 
  • Represent more recreational fishers 
  • Meeting the growing needs and aspirations of recreational fishers 
  • Involve and reflect the diversity of fishers 
  • Increase the incidence of Government’s decision and policy making being informed by expertise-based and broad public opinion 
  • Improve the quality of information available for recreational fishers 

Our Advocacy Priorities: 

Here are the advocacy priorities VRFish is working on to make fishing better, for everyone: 

Access: Advocating for better access, fixing our boat ramps and defending your fishing rights to access our waterways. 

Habitat: Improving our vital fish habitats through restoration, enhancement and protection. 

Water: Keeping our waters healthy, our rivers flowing and defending recreational and environmental water allocations. 

Promote: Promoting recreational fishing in Victoria, creating new and vibrant fisheries and supporting the next generation of fishers.

Best Practice: Supporting our fishers to take a lead role in the stewardship of our fish and waterways, fish responsibly and safely and promote fish for the future. 

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