Board Members

  • Rob Loats

    Rob is a primary production business manager from rural Victoria. He has extensive experience of issues associated with natural resource and water management and skills associated with government and non-government state agency inputs and outputs.

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    Rob has provided long term representation for his local club as president and secretary, long term representation of two local angling associations as president and is a past member of the state Fisheries Co-Management Council. He has been on the Fisheries Revenue Allocation Committee (FRAC), is a past Chairman and  member of the Recreational Fishing Licence Working Group, member of the Murray Darling Basin Murray Cod Fishery Advisory Group, the North Central Catchment Management Authority Community Leaders Group, Chair of the Northcentral CMA  Gunbower, Lower Loddon Native Fish Recovery Plan and a current member of the Snobs Creek Fish Hatchery and Liberation Governance Board.  He is a current member of the DELWP Riparian Forum Advisory Group and Life Member of the Mid Northern and Wimmera Angling Associations and Donald Angling Club. Rob’s efforts have also earnt him the National Mal Ramsay Lifetime Achievement Award 2012. Rob has always been interested in water quality and has recently completed 25 years of voluntary water monitoring with the North Central CMA Waterwatch Program.  

    Rob has a very strong affinity in habitat protection and reinstatement, environmental and recreational water allocations, and as a member of the National Fish Habitat Network continues to promote the values of fish habitat and projects that protect and restore habitat in Rivers, Creeks, Wetlands and Water Storage Reservoirs, especially woody habitat.

    Rob joined the VRFish Board to promote the interests of all Victorian recreational fishers and to apply his knowledge regarding strategic business directives, financial management and skills associated with responding to government policy directives to promote the best outcomes for recreational fishers. 

  • Steven Relf

    Steven brings a wealth of experience to the Board of VRFish and is experienced in dealing with a variety of complex issues, adding value to the organisation in an ever-changing environment. Now retired Steven has had over 26 years experience as a senior manager in local government.

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    A member of the Dunlop Bayswater Angling Club (39 years) and Club President for the last 20 years, Steven has a strong commitment to our rivers and streams and a desire to see them returned to their natural condition. Steven is the Former President of the Howqua Association Angling Clubs, and has been a delegate of VRFish for the last 20 years. Steven is the current deputy chair of VRFish and chair of the finance and access committee’s. 

    Steven believes fishers need a strong peak body who can advocate on their behalf and provide a voice back to the VFA and government 

    As a VRFish representative he is able to give back to the sport he has enjoyed for many years.

  • Scott Jefferis

    Appointed to the VRFish Board in 2024, Scott is the Vice President of the Dunlop Bayswater Angling Club and the Secretary/Treasurer of Howqua Angling Clubs Association.

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    A lifelong fisho, Scott enjoys fishing in the Murray between Gunbower and Swan Hill, Lake Eppalock and Lake Eildon. Scott says, “Fishing has always been a family affair for me and I have fond memories of my grandparents and father taking me fishing and now enjoy fishing with my daughters”. More recently, his family have been chasing the elusive metre Murray cod in Yarrawonga.

    He has over 20 years’ experience working in the IT industry including ten years as a business owner/partner and four years as founder/director where he has developed a high level of understanding of IT and cyber security, financial management, human resources and vendor management.

    Scott is highly involved in his local community including more than seven years as School Council President where he worked with the education department, local council and politicians.  And, more than thirteen years in various roles, including Vice President and Secretary, at his local cricket club where he has played a key role in community consultation.

    Scott has greatly enjoyed being a part of the Dunlop Bayswater Angling Club and is keen to contribute to VRFish through supporting the success of other fishing clubs.

  • Neville Dance

    Neville has been an avid fisherperson since he was 6 years old and fishing in the Hopkins and Curdies Rivers with his father. Around the age of 18, Neville developed a strong urge to start salt water fishing. This passion encouraged Neville to join the Warrnambool Offshore & Light Game Fishing Club and the Game Fishing Association of Victoria. He is now a life member of both clubs.

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    Neville previously served as Vice-President of the Game Fishing Association of Victoria and still remains on their committee. He has also served as a member of the Recreational Fishing Licence Grants Committee. He currently represents the Game Fishing Association of Victoria to VRFish.

  • Rita Caulfield

    Rita currently works in the fishing tackle industry and is a familiar face on the tackle/boat/camping industry show circuit.

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    Rita’s passion for recreational fishing, small business acumen and massive Cod smashing ability will serve recreational fishers well.

    Within the recreational fishing community, she’s known as ‘Metre Rita’ after reeling in 2x metre barramundi on consecutive casts. As one of the of top ranked Murray cod lure fishers in Australia, Rita has more ‘metre cod’ under her belt than the VRFish Board and Executive combined.

  • Lee Spyrou

    Lee Spyrou is the newest member of our board. Lee is an avid fisher and brings a wealth of experience and expertise to our organisation.

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    Lee has been fishing since she was a child, and her love for the sport has only grown stronger over the years. She is passionate about sustainable fishing practices and protecting our waterways for future generations. Lee’s commitment to the environment and her extensive knowledge of fishing makes her a valuable addition to the VRFish board.

  • Jingjing Nan

    Jing Jing is currently the Vice President of the Victorian Chinese Angling Association and founder of Nan International Media. She is deftly experienced in marketing and event planning and is also skilled in business management.

    Jingjing’s passions are fishing and scuba diving. She really loves the sea and believes that the marine world is full of mystery and fun. Her goals for 2022 include exploring the beautiful ocean world more and calling on more people to participate and fall in love with fishing.
    Jingjing says “As a new member to the board of VRFish. I will try my best to assist the organisation in promotional work, and plan more interesting activities and projects to bring more vitality to VRFish.”

  • Lydia Cahill

    Lydia is a highly experienced Senior Business Analyst and Project Manager contracting in the private sector, who brings a unique set of skills spanning across Aged Care, Health Insurance, Engineering and Infrastructure, Fast Moving Consumer Goods and Information Technology.

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    From humble beginnings bait fishing for snapper and King George whiting, Lydia’s fishing passion developed into more specialised genres and is better known as an avid topwater / lure angler.  Lydia fishes across Victoria for Southern bluefin tuna, yellowtail kingfish and occasionally Murray cod.  Where possible, Lydia travels to a range of Australian and international destinations primarily in the pursuit of the mighty giant trevally. 

    She brings to VRFish an understanding of the needs and concerns of recreational fishers, combined with industry knowledge as a brand ambassador, Tuna Champions ambassador and Women in Recreational Fishing mentor.

    Passionate about infrastructure meeting the needs of fishers as well as a strong conservation and sustainable fishing mindset, Lydia’s business skills will ensure that recreational fishers needs will be strongly represented.

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