Scientific Name
Argyrosomus japonicus
Up to 2m

General Description

Mulloway, also known as Jewfish or ‘the greatest one’, are a popular angling species typically found in estuaries and marine waters.

Growing up to 2-metres in length, Mulloway can be recognised by its silvery to greenish-bronze colouring and pearly white spots along the lateral line.

Threats and Management Issues


Nature Glenelg Trust are conducting a Mulloway tagging project, funded by Recreational Fishing Licence fees, to understand the movement behaviours and life history traits of the species. The tagging program has over 70 anglers participating and almost 500 fish have been tagged since it started in late 2017. Majority of the fish have been tagged in the Glenelg River.

If you’re interested in learning more about the project, visit the Mulloway Tagging Victoria Facebook Group, the Learning More About the Elusive Mulloway Facebook Group or contact Nature Glenelg Trust’s Lauren Brown on [email protected] or 0439 034 390.


In Victoria, the minimum legal size limit for Mulloway is 60cm and they have a bag limit of 5. Visit the Victorian Fisheries Authority’s Mulloway page for more information.

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