Murray Cod

General Description

Murray cod are an iconic freshwater species loved by Victorian anglers. Fishers have invested a significant amount of their licence fees into stocking cod, improving their habitat and funding research into their biology.

Fishes of Australia: Murray Cod

Fishing Rules

VRFish is keen to promote best practice catch, handling and release for Murray cod. We have partnered with the Victorian Fisheries Authority and Native Fish Australia to develop a Care for Cod campaign. This is especially important now that all cod over 75cm must be released alive. Also, fishers can play their part during the closed season.

Anglers are reminded that a minimum legal size limit of 55cm and a maximum size limit of 75cm applies. The catch limit is 1 fish in rivers and 2 in impoundments.

Fishers are encouraged to study the recreational fishing guide, visit the Victorian Fisheries Authority website or download the Fisheries Victoria app for more information on fishing regulations.

Threats and Management Issues

We have worked closely with fishery and catchment managers over the last 15 years to help restore populations and create improved fishing opportunities. It’s a great success story.

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