Code of Conduct

VRFish has developed this Code of Conduct for recreational boat, shore, river, stream and jetty fishers in Victoria. We have a responsibility to look after our fisheries resources for the benefit of the environment and future generations of fishers and show respect for other users of the aquatic environment. We love fishing and encourage all fishers to adopt the below guidelines.

  1. Awareness of, and compliance with fishing regulations
  2. Respect the rights of other anglers and users
  3. Protect and restore the environment and fish habitat
  4. Carefully return undersized, oversized, protected or unwanted catch back to the water
  5. Fish species and other organisms must not be relocated or transferred into other water bodies
  6. Always seek permission when entering private property
  7. Use established roads and tracks
  8. Attend to your fishing gear and value your catch
  9. Education – please pass on your knowledge
  10. Respect Aboriginal sites, culture and values

Download the Code of Conduct Poster

National Recreational Fishing Code of Practice

Supported and funded by the Australian Government the National Recreational Fishing Code of Conduct was designed to present best practice principles that are relevant to all forms of recreational fishing. The object of the code is to empower recreational fishers to make responsible decisions in the pursuit of their passion.

Download the National Recreational Fishing Code of Conduct Booklet

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