What We Do

As the peak body representing a recreation industry worth nearly $2.3 billion, VRFish utilises the expertise and experience of our members and engage with the recreational fishing community to inform the development of policy and provide responses to government that represent the views of Victorian recreational fishers.

We advocate for the sustainable development of Victoria’s fisheries by creating policies in consultation with our members and the recreational fishing community that protect fishing as a resource and as a recreation.

VRFish supports the sustainable growth and development of recreational fishing. Victoria has incredible fisheries resources, and recreational fishing is recognised as significant economically, culturally and socially.

As a community of over 838,000 people, it is essential that the voice of recreational fishers is included in the decision making processes of Government. VRFish provides a strategic and representative voice for the Victorian recreational fishing sector.

Members of the recreational fishing community have a common interest, shared needs and objectives. VRFish is able to present a united voice to contribute to setting the policy agenda that affects recreational fishers and the ongoing sustainability of recreational fisheries, now and in the future.

VRFish works to raise the profile of fishing as a recreation, and contributes to initiatives that promote fishing as a recreation with significant social, cultural and economic benefits. We work on policy areas that impact upon recreational fishing and provide an independent, non-party political voice.

Our work centres on these key areas:

  • Proactively managing fisheries by ecosystem-based fisheries management;
  • Improving and maintaining recreational fishing access and infrastructure;
  • Environmental sustainability, water conservation and fish habitat improvement;
  • Coordination and communication between key fishing stakeholders; and
  • Educational and promotional programs.

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