Care for Cod

Murray cod are arguably our most iconic native, freshwater species. Across social media we often see fishers quests to find a lustrous metre-plus cod. When targeting our beloved cod, whether they are the prized metre-plus fish or smaller fish, it is incredibly important to ensure you are taking care of your catch to ensure the sustainability of this magnificent and unique fishery for future generations.

We have partnered with the Victorian Fisheries Authority and Native Fish Australia to develop a Care for Cod campaign. When practicing catch and release, adopting better handling practices can help cod to survive post-release.

Care for Cod follows a simple four point plan.

  • Be prepared | Have your cod gloves, knotless net and long-nose pliers ready for a catch.
  • Reduce air time | Minimise the time the cod spends out of the water to under 30 seconds. Where possible, leave the cod in the water.
  • Gently does it | Support the cod’s body
  • Use the right gear | When baiting fishing use circle hooks and a tight line to avoid deep hooking the fish, also reduce fight time by using heavier gear.

Murray Cod have a bag limit of one in rivers and two in specific lakes and impoundments. They carry a minimum size limit of 55 cm and maximum size limit of 75cm. For more information visit the Victorian Fisheries Authority Murray Cod page.

Visit our education page for more information on Murray Cod.

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