Recreational fishing priorities revealed

The peak body representing 838,000 recreational fishers in Victoria, VRFish has unveiled results from a priorities survey conducted with nearly 1,900 recreational fishers.

Overall, improving fish habitat remains the number one priority area of investment for recreational fishers while the most important Statewide priorities are to address pest species closely followed by arresting the decline of fish stocks.

Results are now being used to inform VRFish operations, new branding and advice back to Government.

“At VRFish its imperative we have a clear mandate from our fishers so that we can direct our efforts on their behalf and attract funding to deliver upon their priorities,” said VRFish Executive Officer Michael Burgess.

Teaching children about how to fish and good fishing practices has skyrocketed up to the 4th highest priority, significantly higher than a similar survey conducted in 2009.

“We found that the most popular recreational fish species is flathead followed by snapper, King George whiting, trout and squid,” said Mr. Burgess.

Fishers targeting Chinnook Salmon were the most satisfied fishers, closely followed by redfin perch fishers, while those targeting King George whiting were least satisfied.

Regional priorities have also been uncovered.

“As expected, Port Phillip Bay and Westernport fishers have emphatically responded with an urgent need to address boating infrastructure,” said Mr Burgess.

“With the large amount of responses we are able to drill down into a great deal of detail,” said Mr Burgess.

“For example, tuna fishers had a significantly higher level of support for improving knowledge and science on fish and fishing while redfin perch and trout fishers have the strongest support for improving riparian fish habitat.”

A summary of the survey results can be downloaded here

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