Hopes For Tiger Trout to Roar into Victoria

VRFish, the peak body representing Victorian recreational fishers, is this week discussing the potential of introducing the vibrant-patterned tiger trout into Lake Purrumbete, near Camperdown and Rocky Valley Lake, near Falls Creek.

Lake Purrumbete Angling Club has written to VRFish proposing a 3-year trial of up to 15,000 tiger trout.

Angling Club Secretary, Stephen Hill said, “Tiger trout have reputation as a fierce fighting fish and we expect them to live longer and grow larger than our other salmonids species already stocked into Lake Purrumbete.”

Australian Trout Foundation (ATF) supports the trial and has also identified Rocky Valley Lake as a prime candidate for stocking of tiger trout.

ATF President, Terry George said, “Our wild brown trout in the lake do not grow very large so the addition of tiger trout would create a unique destination for Victorian trout anglers.”

Currently, the only place in Australia anglers can catch a tiger trout is Tasmania.

Tiger trout are a sterile hybrid created from a cross between a male brook trout and a female brown trout.

VRFish Chairman Mr. Rob Loats said, “We are privileged to have a constant supply of innovative ideas championed by leaders in our fishing clubs who work tirelessly to make fishing better for everyone.”

“Tiger trout would complement the variety of freshwater fishing opportunities and create further excitement with Victorian anglers”, he said.

“Having a hand in every fish stocked in our waters is again reason to support a strong and independent recreational fishing peak body with our mission to make fishing better for everyone”, he said.

Further information:

Read more about the potential of tiger trout at Steve Starling’s fishing blog.

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