Get on the water at Tullaroop Reservoir

After decades of community advocacy finally on-water access at Tullaroop Reservoir, near Maryborough is now permitted for electric motored vessels, canoes and kayaks.

VRFish commends the Labor State Government, Victorian Fisheries Authority and Goulburn Murray Water for working together to deliver this great outcome for our fishers.

Tullaroop is renowned as one our favourite land-based trout and redfin fisheries. It’s clear, deep waters and submerged trees are likely home to monster-sized fish but the opportunity to access the expansive and waters had always eluded us until now.

At the formal launch this week we were greeted by our elated local fishers who were already taking advantage of the new upgrades by Goulburn-Murray Water to the boat ramp and extended carpark located off Rodborough Road.

If you are looking to take your boat out onto Tullaroop Reservoir you can only operate it by an electric motor. You are able to leave your petrol operated motor attached to the boat, but it cannot be operated.

As of this year, Tullaroop is now being managed as a mixed fishery to offer a range of fishing opportunities all year round. Fish stocking numbers have been significantly boosted with so far 40,000 trout stocked in May and 100,000 golden perch stocked in March – the first native fish stocking at the reservoir since 2005. In our view, Tullaroop is well on its way to becoming a fishing destination.

Members from the Maryborough Angling Club helping to release brown and rainbow trout on Tullaroop Reservoir

VRFish made on-water access at Tullaroop Reservoir a key strategy of our State election ask and received bi-partisan support. We elated to see that access has been implemented swiftly by the Labor State Government as part of a commitment to roll out on-water access to six Victorian reservoirs as part of Target One Million Phase 2.

In April, Barkers Creek Reservoir was the first reservoir to be opened to on-water access. The remaining waterways include Lauriston, Hepburn, Upper Coliban and Malmsbury reservoirs. 

Improvements in our fishing technology enables our activities to co-exist with the management objectives of Water Authorities. Electric motors are now standard fare for most boats targeting inland waters. They run quietly, are incredibly manoeuvrable and as they do not need fuel and oils, they do not produce exhaust emissions.

Kayaks are increasing in popularity with fishers with many opting to use a kayak for on-water access at their favourite fishing spots.

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