Back from the Dead

Well it’s official. The southern purple-spotted gudgeon recently discovered in Reedy Lake No.3 have been confirmed by DNA as the real deal and more have been found in Reedy Middle Lake.

Sampling has has detected 2 year classes of the fish which means they are happily breeding in the system. More positive news considering the species was thought to be regional extinct in Victoria.

An allocation of environmental water has used to maintain the water levels in the lake to protect the fish while a threatened species plan is hatched up.

This e-water is also a big plus for our angling species like Murray Cod and golden perch over this hot summer. Our fishers in the north west of the state are continue to take keen interest in the management of the Reedy Lakes near Kerang.

VRFish expects to be involved in the future management of the Reedy Lake and wants to see Native Fish Australia take a lead role in community captive breeding program of southern purple-spotted gudgeon.

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