Container Deposit Scheme

The Victorian Government is introducing a container deposit scheme (CDS) to increase beverage container recycling and reduce litter in Victoria.

As recreational fishers we observe first-hand the huge amount of beverage container litter that end up in our waterways and public areas damaging ecosystems and spoiling our fishing experience.

In broad terms, a container deposit scheme works by applying a small deposit to beverages which covers the cost of recycling. When the empty beverage containers – such as those in plastic, glass bottles and aluminium cans, are returned to a refund collection point, a cash refund can be collected for each container returned. 

We believe this scheme could be a major driver in reducing litter, increasing recycling, and potentially contribute new funds to aid in waterway restoration.

The Victorian Government has prepared a discussion paper to seek views on how the scheme could operate, eligible containers and ways to issue refunds.

You can read the discussion paper, complete an online survey or upload a submission on the Engage Victoria website.

VRFish will be compiling a submission and you can input your views by emailing us at [email protected].

Comments close 30th November 2020

Download Discussion Paper:

Victorian container deposit scheme discussion paper PDF (1.75 MB)

Victorian container deposit scheme discussion paper – accessible version MS Word (91.62 KB)

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