Corner Inlet Fishery Management Plan

Your advice is needed!

The draft management plan specifies objectives, strategies and actions for managing the Corner Inlet fishery in accordance with the requirements of the Fisheries Act 1995. It is designed to ensure that the commercial, recreational and indigenous fishing sectors, along with other interested stakeholders, have a clear framework specifying how the fishery resource will be managed over coming years to ensure it remains a thriving fishery into the future.

Recreational fishers are encouraged to provide feedback on the draft Corner Inlet Fishery Management Plan, which was released on 27th December 2021 for 60 days public consultation.

From the Draft plan: “Total annual commercial catch peaked in the 2018-19 financial year at 446 tonnes, followed by 438 tonnes in 2019/20. These unusually high catch years were influenced by both a natural period of high King George whiting abundance, but also a recent increase in commercial fishing effort”.

In 2019, VRFish wrote to the then Minister for Fishing and Boating expressing concerns that recreational fishers were reporting significant catch reductions, especially of King George Whiting, and that management of the fishery needed tightening to ensure sustainability. 


The draft plan is available at and feedback should be emailed to [email protected] by 27 February 2022.

A Frequently asked questions link is also included:

More info here:

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