Gippsland Offshore Renewable Energy Public Consultation

An area off the coast of Gippsland, Victoria has been proposed by the Minister for Climate Change and Energy as potentially suitable for future offshore renewable energy projects, such as offshore wind. 

Recreational fishers, particularly those in the Gippsland region, may be interested in making a submission to ensure the Minister has regard to your views when making a decision on the area under consideration. The Government has sought to minimise impacts on commercial fisheries by avoiding major trawl regions along edge of continental shelf >100 m depth, and is interested in submissions considering how recreational fisheries in the area may be able to share the space, and what matters may need to be considered to enable and promote overlapping activities

The Department of Climate Change, Energy, the Environment and Water is running a public consultation on the area under consideration and is accepting submissions through the online Consultation Hub until 11:59 pm on the 7th of October, 2022. Your feedback will help inform the Minister’s decision on whether the proposed area is suitable for offshore renewable energy. 

A number of supporting documents are available on the Consultation Hub, providing additional information on the background of the offshore renewable energy consultation and declaration process as well as the Gippsland area. Including:

  • Overview of the Proposed Area – Gippsland, Victoria
  • Supporting Information for the Region – Gippsland, Victoria
  • Marine Users and Interests – Gippsland, Victoria

Visit the Consultation Hub to provide your submission.

VRFish would like to hear your views so that we can incorporate them into a submission from VRFish. You can do this by dropping us a line at [email protected].

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