Campaspe River Recovering From 2022 Floods

The Campaspe River is recovering well from the 2022 floods. Preliminary fish surveys have shown the waterway’s resilience after the devastating events that effected the river and the human population surrounding the central and northern parts of Victoria.

Last year’s floods damaged some sections of the Campaspe River, stressing native fish, platypus, and rakali (water rat) populations and altering the in-stream and riverbank vegetation they need to survive.

The latest fish surveys from the Department of Energy, Environment, and Climate Action’s Arthur Rylah Institute have revealed just how quickly the river is bouncing back. These surveys have recroded golden perch and Murray Cod ranging from 57mm to 807mm in size, pointing to a resiliant fish population and a recovering river. 

An environmental low flow is scheduled for the river to continue to recover. The flow will ensure vegetation regrowth and act against saline build up which is deadly to fish.  

The flow will cause the river to rise only minimally, which authorities are keen to monitor. Water for the environment flows are authorised by the Victorian Environmental Water Holder (VEWH) in line with its Seasonal Watering Plan 2022-23. 

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