Anglers leading Waranga Basin Habitat Installation Program

A significant environmental project has commenced at the Waranga Basin, lead by the Goulburn Valley Association of Angling Clubs. Following key objectives identified during the consultation for the 2011 LOWMP for the Waranga Basin, The Campaspe Shire, working with the GVAAC, Goulburn Murray Water and the Victorian Fisheries Authority, the program has begun in a stretch of water in the Waranga Basin, located in North Central Victoria. 

Re-using large timber removed as part of the Murchison-Rushworth Rail Trail clearing project, The Waranga Basin Fish Habitat Installation Project will support the high quality Redfin fishery, and enhance the habitat for Golden perch, making the Waranga Basin a recreational fishing “must do” for local and visiting fishers. This will be enhanced with stockling of 750,00 Golden perch over three years into the basin. 

Chair of the Goulburn Valley Association of Angling Clubs, Roland Huber said the project will bring recreational fishers from far and wide to the basin aiming to catch some impressively sized Redfin, Golden perch and other species. ‘By installing the right habitat and diversifying the species on offer, we think Waranga Basin will become one of the best inland recerational fisheries in Victoria’. 

The project aims to increase the primary production of biofilms and algae, cover feeding small and larger fish enabling better surival and growth rates for fish in basin. 

Volunteers are still required to assist with the project. To volunteer please contact Roland Huber (GVAAC Chair). [email protected]

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