Scott Jefferis joins the VRFish Board

A warm welcome to Scott Jefferis who has been appointed to the VRFish Board.

Scott is the Vice President of the Dunlop Bayswater Angling Club and the Secretary/Treasurer of Howqua Angling Clubs Association.

A lifelong fisho, Scott enjoys fishing in the Murray between Gunbower and Swan Hill, Lake Eppalock and Lake Eildon. Scott says, “Fishing has always been a family affair for me and I have fond memories of my grandparents and father taking me fishing and now enjoy fishing with my daughters”. More recently, his family have been chasing the elusive metre Murray cod in Yarrawonga.

He has over 20 years’ experience working in the IT industry including ten years as a business owner/partner and four years as founder/director where he has developed a high level of understanding of IT and cyber security, financial management, human resources and vendor management.

Scott is highly involved in his local community including more than seven years as School Council President where he worked with the education department, local council and politicians.  And, more than thirteen years in various roles, including Vice President and Secretary, at his local cricket club where he has played a key role in community consultation.

Scott has greatly enjoyed being a part of the Dunlop Bayswater Angling Club and is keen to contribute to VRFish through supporting the success of other fishing clubs.

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