Talking ‘Tackling Fish Habitat’ with Braeden Lampard

On Sunday the 18th of March, the ‘Tackling Fish Habitat’ workshop was held at Lake Boga by the Arthur Rylah Institute and North Central Catchment Management Authority.

The workshop aimed to share stories from fellow fishers who are involved in on-ground fish habitat projects, learn about experiences from experts working to rehabilitate aquatic habitat and provide information on how to become a fish habitat champion in the local community.

Braeden Lampard, of OzFish Unlimited Sunraysia and Nagiloc Fishing Club was invited to share his experiences running a volunteer fish habitat focused group and the valuable work they are delivering on the ground.

“I was really excited at the opportunity to share my experiences but also hear from other fishers about what they are doing across Victoria and potentially implement back home,” he said.

While Victorian recreational fishers have high support towards restoring our fish habitats, further support and training is required to get more fishers involved in direct action.

“What I have found is the mentoring and support I have received from Craig Copeland of OzFish Unlimited and managers at the Victorian Fisheries has been invaluable,” he said.

“Its all about having strong partnerships between the community and Government because together we can achieve so much more.” he said.

Braeden was also keen share with the attendees just how many grants and programs are available to recreational fishers who have an idea that can improve fish habitat, including the Angler Riparian Partnerships Program and Recreational Fishing License fees grants.

“We hope to inspire other fishing clubs to take a lead in native fish habitat restoration by sharing new age ideas, the experience and knowledge we are gain through the environmental works projects that we are undertaking.” he said

During the workshop, attendees were given the opportunity to construct artificial “fish hotels” habitat. This hands-on activity created a sense of community involvement for the recreational fishers.

OzFish Sunraysia is currently working with the Mallee Catchment Management Authority and the Victorian Fisheries Authority to map fish habitat in Butlers Creek and were also involved in the recent fish stocking at Kings Billabong.


Tackling Fish Habitat attendees constructing an artificial fish habitat; VRFish Chairman, Rob Loats. 

Another fish habitat workshop is being hosted by the Australian Trout Foundation in Myrtleford on April 28.

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