A Fisheye View of Port Phillip Bay

Ben Cleveland, Ozfish Unlimited

Fishers in Port Phillip Bay have been getting an in-depth look at their local fishing spots through a citizen science project currently being undertaken. Using a Baited Remote Underwater Video (BRUV) monitoring approach, the “Reccys Restoring the Bay” project is being led by OzFish Unlimited, in partnership with VRFish and The Nature Conservancy and aims to involve more recreational fishers in restoration activities.

Fishers in the newly formed Indented Head OzFish chapter have already got a fish eye view of some of their local spots, collecting some great footage of highly sought-after species including Calamari, Snapper and King George Whiting. Whilst a fascinating insight into lives of the finned residents of our bay, the project also intends to use video data to monitor fish use of habitats and identify other aquatic habitat issues. 

Additionally, through the project, fishers will participate in on-ground restoration works aimed at improving fish populations.Ben Cleveland, OzFish Unlimited’s Program Manager said, “most fishers want to help improve the Bay, and this project will give them the tools to do that.”

The project builds upon the leadership shown by the Albert Park Yachting and Angling Club that instigated the restoration of the Bay’s lost living shellfish reefs with The Nature Conservancy and the Victorian Fisheries Authority. 

“The club is demonstrating to other fishers the critical importance of healthy fish habitats to our fishing and the active role that fishers can play in restoration,” concluded Ben.

This project is funded by the Port Phillip Bay Fund, BCF (national major partner of OzFish Unlimited) and the Urquhart Charitable Fund.

Want to work in your area? We need you! The project is working to develop Ozfish Chapters around Port Phillip Bay undertaking fish habitat monitoring and small-scale restoration works. If you would like to get involved or would like more information, please contact OzFish Unlimited Project Manager Ben Cleveland at [email protected] or visit the website

A Southern Calamari investigates the BRUV unit.
The Baited Remote Underwater Video (BRUV) unit

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