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It’s no surprise that fishing is our favourite pastime. It is a fantastic way to spend quality time outdoors with likeminded people, it can help to reduce stress and has a number of other health benefits.

For some fishers, it can be difficult to find people to go fishing with especially if your friends and family aren’t quite as passionate as you are! If that’s the case or you would like the opportunity to participate in more social and competitive fishing events, it’s time to join your local fishing club.

Fishing clubs enable our fishers to come together, learn, socialise and enjoy some friendly competition! Clubs are a significant part of the community and our recreational fishing sector. We recognise that fishing clubs form the backbone of many local and regional projects and generously give their time to make fishing better!

We have recently transformed our membership to include any fishing club or association, as well as individual members. VRFish now have over 75 clubs on board from across Victoria!

Why join your local fishing club?

There are so many advantages to joining your local fishing club. It is a great way to learn from and teach others, you will always have someone to go fishing with and brag to about your latest catch, and while it can be relaxing to fish alone, it is safer to go fishing with others. Joining a fishing club also provides members with a sense of contributing to the local community.

When you join a fishing club, you have the opportunity to make new friends who are just as passionate about fishing as you are. Being a member of a fishing club gives members the ability to improve their fishing by learning from more experienced fishers or to share their own knowledge. Learning from fellow anglers is often the best way to improve your fishing. Clubs are filled with history from members past and present, there are often members who have dedicated their lives to the club who provide invaluable knowledge and support to new members.

As a member of a fishing club, you are provided with the opportunity to participate in a variety of social and competitive events. Some fishing clubs have special guest speakers present at their meetings, an opportunity that non-club fishers will miss out on. Often fishing clubs will hold member only fishing competitions, participating at club, inter-club, State and National levels.

For those interested in making fishing better for everyone, club membership also provides a means to contribute to the political landscape of fishing. Members have the opportunity to have their say on issues that affect recreational fishing and Victoria’s world class fisheries.

How do you find a club to join?
If you are interested in joining your local fishing club, our Fishing Clubs page has a list of all VRFish member clubs and associations along with their contact details.

If you require further assistance, you can also contact VRFish directly, via [email protected] or (03) 5221 1104.

Any Victorian Fishing Club or Association can join VRFish as a Fishing Club Supporter.

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