Call for Offshore Citizen Scientists to collect Striped Trumpeter frames and data

We are embarking on a new pilot study to increase the knowledge of striped trumpeter (Latris lineata) in Victorian waters thanks to a successful Recreational License Fees (RFL) funded project. The project aims to uncover information regarding the striped trumpeter population characteristics as well as spawning and recruitment variability.

This project will see us recreational fishers both collecting data and biological samples in the form of filleted fish frames.

VRFish is inviting anglers who target offshore bottom-dwelling species (broadly speaking 40 metres or deeper) in western Victoria to to donate ‘fish frames’ of any striped trumpeter caught, as well as signing up to a volunteer angler log book.

The project has arisen from fisher concerns about possible localised depletion of striped trumpeter stocks. Unfortunately there wasn’t data available to answer these question so we are going to collect it ourselves – with your help! We are also working in partnership with the Victorian Fisheries Authority, Deakin University and University of Tasmania.

South West Fish Frame Drop-Off Locations

Thank to the generous support of the following businesses, drop off your filleted striped trumpeter to the below local businesses. We can post you out some heavy duty bags and labels by sending your request to [email protected]. Please make sure the bag is clean before heading to the store. The fish frame can be fresh or frozen.

  • Portland Bait and Tackle, 111 Bentinck St, Portland
  • Richardson Marine, 1058 Raglan Parade, Warrnambool
  • BCF Warrnambool, 1-49 Raglan Parade, Warrnambool

Tips on Filleting

To analyse all the the biological information, we need the guts intact for each fish. When you are filleting your fish we recommend you bone fillet your fish which leaves bones around the gut cavity. Below is a video showing how you can fillet your trumpeter with this method.

Register For an Offshore Angler Log Book

We invite anglers that regularly target offshore fish stocks, including striped trumpeter to share their data.

  1. Record data from your fishing trips in the GoFishVic app from the Victorian Fisheries Authority available here.

2. Participate in a angler logbook program. Sign up for a log book below.

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