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  • Call for Offshore Citizen Scientists to collect Striped Trumpeter frames and data

    We are embarking on a new pilot study to increase the knowledge of striped trumpeter (Latris lineata) in Victorian waters thanks to a successful Recreational License Fees (RFL) funded project. The

  • New Projects Funded Through Fishing Licence Fees

    Every year, all revenue from Victorian’s recreational fishing licence fees is reinvested to projects that will make fishing better in Victoria. Minister for Fishing and Boating, Jaala Pulford, announced the

  • Victorian Fishers Motor into Golden Era

    Most fishers are probably more concerned with going fishing than politics but you can’t escape the reality the two collide. When state and federal elections come around they are an opportune

  • Habitat Success in King River

    The King River in the King Valley is fast becoming a hidden gem for Victorian recreational fishers after the success of a fish habitat enhancement project which has seen the

  • Habitat Headlines Better Fishing Plan

    VRFish, the peak body representing Victoria’s 838,000 recreational fishers, welcomes with enthusiasm the latest election commitments from the Liberal-Nationals Coalition. It is evident that calls from VRFish have been heeded

  • EOI for Recreational Fishing Grants Working Group

    The Victorian Fisheries Authority is seeking nominations from recreational fishers to play a critical role in deciding how our recreational fishing licence fees are re-invested back into our sector to

  • Mulloway anglers: the new citizen scientists

    by Lauren Veale, Nature Glenelg Trust At a very early age, I was introduced to the world of fishing (thanks mum and dad) and vividly remember catching my very first

  • Translocating River Blackfish in the Tarwin River Catchment

    By Renae Ayres, Arthur Rylah Institute Ask a recreational fisher which fish species they most prefer to catch in rivers and common responses are Trout, Murray Cod, Estuary Perch .

  • Port Phillip Bay Sand Flathead

    By Ross Winstanley There’s probably not been a more important investment of Recreational Fishing Licence (RFL) funds in marine fisheries research than the study by a Fisheries Victoria research team

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