Lower Werribee River Recreation Plan Engagement

VRFish have been invited by Melbourne Water to provide feedback on the Lower Werribee River Recreation Plan.

Melbourne Water, in partnership with Parks Victoria, Wyndham City Council and the Department of Environment, Land and Water is developing a Lower Werribee River Recreation Plan to guide the development and management of recreation opportunities along the River.

The plan will investigate options for improved recreational access and facilities on the lower Werribee River by identifying a range of recreational activities along the lower Werribee River (from the confluence of Davis Creek to the estuary in Port Phillip Bay). This may include options such as boat ramps, fishing platforms, visitor signage and access paths. Share what you love about the river, what you value in terms of recreational opportunities and what you feel can be improved. 

Find out more information about the Lower Werribee River Recreation Plan on the Melbourne Water Survey website here.

Some of the key questions that the consultants would like to be addressed are:

  • What is required for a high-quality experience? e.g. access, facilities, infrastructure, signage, etc ?
  • What are the future plans for accommodating this activity across Melbourne?
  • What are the high-level planning priorities for your activity?
  • What is the demand for the activity in Melbourne and at WR more specifically (if known)? Is demand growing?
  • Are you aware of any data or studies to identify demand?
  • Who are the participants – age, gender, groups, individuals etc.? Is this changing?
  • Where are the popular places to participate in your activity in Melbourne and why? Do people participate at the Lower Werribee River? If not, why?
  • How far do people generally travel to undertake this activity?

Drop VRFish a line on [email protected] to submit any feedback. Consultation closes 20 March 2020.

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