Fishing to be Permitted from Tuesday night

Premier Daniel Andrews has announced today that recreational fishing will be permitted in Victoria as of 11.59pm Tuesday night, 12 May 2020.

Fishers will still be required to follow physical distancing of 1.5 metres between others and with a maximum gathering of up to 10 people outdoors.

We ask all fishers to be safe, cautious and vigilant when wetting a line.

There is no restrictions on travel but you must be able to drive there and back within the one day. Therefore, no overnight stays. Camping in National and regional parks are not permitted.

Minister for Fishing and Boating, Jaala Pulford, has confirmed that boating will also be allowed under the new phase of restrictions. We are being asked to apply physical distancing and mass gathering rules at all times, such as at the boat ramp and on your boat.

VRFish has asked whether you can fish on a boat with a friend. The answer we have received is “you must maintain 1.5 metres between yourself and others.” So, in other words, if you intend to take a friend out on your boat, the boat will need to be big enough for everyone on board to strictly adhere to physical distancing at all times.

We understand that any piers, jetties and boat ramps will also be re-opened in line with the easing of restrictions. We assume this also applies to reservoirs managed by Water Authorities.

Fishing competitions still are off the cards. All competitions relating to sport and exercise are still not permitted. We anticipate this will be re-assessed by Government as it evaluates the return of community-based sport and the like.

VRFish is buoyed that Victoria is implementing the National Principles for Sport and Recreation Activities that were endorsed by National Cabinet. In our view, fishing ticked all the boxes. Its something we reminded Premier Andrews over the weekend, along with the immense social and economic value that fishing delivers to Victoria.

With Victoria moving into a new phase of response to the Covid-19 pandemic, we also lend our voice to encourage Victorians get tested early if they experience any Covid-19 symptoms and download the COVIDSafe app.

The message from the Government has not changed: if you can stay at home – you must stay at home. This means you should only leave home if you really need to.

These new restrictions and a renewed State of Emergency will be in place until 11:59pm on Sunday 31 May.

For further information:

Department of Health and Human Services – Sport, cultural and recreational activities restrictions

Victorian Fisheries Authority – Easing coronavirus fishing restrictions

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