Snobs Creek Hatchery Makeover

Growing our own fish in Victoria is about to be taken to a whole new level as the ageing State Government run Snobs Creek hatchery is set to receive its first major upgrade since 2000 through a $1.2 million revamp.

Snob Creek’s upgrade will see the old buildings demolished and the remaining core renovated to a modern workplace. In exciting news for recfishers, the works will allow for an increase in fish production at the hatchery. The increase in capacity will mean more fish are stocked across the state as the Government strives to stock 10-million fish annually by 2022 – a key commitment from their Target One Million Phase 2 plan.

This upgrade will mean the Snobs Creek hatchery will be in a better position to service our demands for cold-water species such as rainbow trout, brown trout and chinook salmon and trout. A very popular species for families to target, trout are stocked in family fishing lakes annually prior to the June and September school holidays.

In great news for native fishers, the upgrades will allow the hatchery to have a much greater focus on, and increase production of, Macquarie perch and trout cod. This will play an important role in the recovery of these beloved cold-water native species. The VFA will also increase production of the iconic Murray Cod at Snobs Creek to be stocked across the state.

The upgrade to Snobs Creek will complement the building of the new native fish hatchery in Arcadia, near Shepparton. The new hatchery will focus on breeding native fish species such as Murray cod, golden perch and silver perch. Building the new hatchery is expected to be completed by the end of 2021.

To meet fish stocking demands currently, fish are often purchased from interstate and private hatcheries. Investing in Snobs Creek and the new native fish hatchery at Arcadia is a win for Victorian fishers as we will be able to produce fish in Victoria, for Victoria.

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