Call 13FISH to report illegal fishing activity

Every Victorian recreational fisher can help to stamp out illegal fishing by making reports to the Victorian Fisheries Authority by calling ???????????????????????? (13 3474).

Save the number in your phone before your next fishing trip and remember that every piece of information can help Fisheries Officers to apprehend illegal fishers, plan their future patrols and to make any relevant connections with persons of interest in their intelligence database.

Any information regarding suspected illegal fishing activity can assist Victorian Fisheries Authority‘s Fisheries Officers in their efforts to stop illegal fishing.

Information which can be helpful to Fisheries Officers include:

  • the nature of the activity
  • the date and time
  • the location
  • the number of people involved
  • if the activity is continuing or finished
  • registration numbers of vehicles and boats
  • any equipment involved

Reporting fisheries offences to ???????????????????????? is available at all times with the line open 24/7.

Victorian Fisheries Officers’ main role is to promote responsible fishing while protecting our fisheries by ensuring compliance with fisheries regulations.  Fisheries Officers perform routine fisheries inspections across Victoria to ensure fishers are fishing by the rules. If asked, you must produce your current fishing license or permit. They have the authority to inspect your equipment and vehicle or vessel, measure and count any fish in your possession to ensure they meet size and bag limit requirements and they can also provide you with educational information about fisheries.

For more information, visit the Victorian Fisheries Authority’s website here.

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