VRFish Executive Officer Michael Burgess bids farewell

To all our valued members of VRFish and the Victorian recreational fishing community,

As the current Chairman of VRFish I wish to inform you that our Executive Officer, Michael Burgess has been offered and accepted employment in Western Australia.

Michael and his family originally moved to Victoria from WA to take up employment with Fishcare. Following that employment opportunity, he applied for the vacant EO position at VRFish and was appointed to the EO position for a period that has now spanned over four years. 

For several months Michael has advised, he with his family, were wanting to move back home to WA to be with their family and friends and return to their original home. He noted he was applying for employment on an ongoing basis in Western Australia.

As Chairman of VRFish, the Board, and all our valued VRFish members I must convey our appreciation for his dedication to VRFish and the recreational fishers of Victoria. Mike has moved VRFish forward on many fronts and most importantly our governance, internal and external structure of VRFish has certainly changed with a vision to be well placed in the future.

Mike must be commended for his dedication to promote VRFish and expand our membership under some highly political and often challenging situations. Under his leadership as EO of VRFish, we have been recognised and awarded at the National level in one of the most important aspects of representing the recreational fishers of Victoria, Excellence in Recreational Fishing Communication.  Mike and Communications Officer, Holly Amos, must be commended as they are clearly responsible for VRFish receiving this magnificent recognition. 

VRFish is also now recognised by the current Victorian Minister for Sport and Recreation as the State Sport and Recreation Body for Recreational Fishing.

I am sure it’s very clear to all our members, VRFish has changed to meet the needs of the future, especially with growing our representation, electronic communications, regular member newsletters, all during the trying times of the Covid virus.

Most importantly, the recent state-wide review of VRFish that also clearly identified the fishers of Victoria have noted high recognition and support of VRFish.

I am sure you will all join with me to extend our strong appreciation to Michael and wish him and all his family the very best for the future, our loss will certainly be his new employer’s gain. 

Please be advised the Board of VRFish has appointed Ben Scullin as our interim EO until we can appoint a replacement for Michael.

Many thanks for your ongoing support of VRFish and please take care.


Rob Loats

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