OzFish Bus Driving River Restoration in Mildura

OzFish Unlimited is dedicated to helping millions of Aussie recfishers keep their rivers, lakes, and estuaries healthy through protecting and restoring fish habitat. Recfishers know and value the importance of healthy habitat and the impact it has on our fishing.

Following the success of the OzFish River Repair Bus based in Dubbo, Victoria’s Sunraysia Chapter started operating a bus of their own in August 2020 based in Mildura. The Mildura River Repair Bus covers all waterways from Robinvale to Lake Cullulleraine and is used for habitat restoration work including rubbish and weed removal, revegetation and improvement of in-stream habitat in local waterways.

Over the past month, the Mildura River Repair Bus team have stopped over 875kg of rubbish entering the waterways in the region. Rubbish collection took place in eight key areas, with a massive 21 bags of litter collected at Bottle Bend. They have also removed several of the invasive prickly pear cactus from Bottle Bend, Red Cliffs Boat Ramp and Karadoc. Native vegetation has been maintained and watered at the Psyche Bend fishing platform and along Butlers Creek at Baggs Bridge and Jennings Bridge. These works have a positive impact on the health of the ecosystems, water quality and the native fish populations are given the opportunity to feed, breed and grow.

The Mildura River Repair Bus provides a unique model for local community participants to get involved, learn new skills, gain hands-on experience, and become employment ready while making a positive difference to their local environment. These benefits will also assist in strengthening the local community through supporting the local economy by increasing tourism and employment. The River Repair Bus concept was originally developed by the Inland Waterways Chapter, based in Dubbo.

To undertake restoration activities, the River Repair Bus is equipped with essential equipment and an experienced team leader, knowledgeable in river restoration. Planned restoration activities occur on public and private land on the Murray River and its associated wetlands and waterways.

The Mildura River Repair Bus is funded by a Federal Government 2020 Murray-Darling Basin Economic Development grant and supported by OzFish major partner, BCF-Boating, Camping, Fishing and by Victorian and New South Wales state government agencies.

If you would like to find your local OzFish Unlimited chapter visit their website here.

OzFish Unlimited is a valued affiliate of VRFish.

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