Planned works at Bayside boat ramps

We’ve been advised by Bayside City Council that they will be conducting planned works that will impact boat ramp access at the North Road boat ramp and planning is in progress for dredging at the Half Moon Bay boat ramp.

North Road Boat Ramp

The council will be starting a project to upgrade the North Road carpark (B1), Brighton with works anticipated to commence on 23 May. The upgrade is part of the North Road Foreshore Masterplan, will have a duration for up to twenty weeks and will be staged during that time.

The works aim to improve the functionality of the carpark, and includes upgrades to pedestrian safety, parking, traffic flows, drainage and storm water quality into the bay.

Access to the boat ramp will be restricted during the works.

Access to the jetty next to the boat ramp will be accessible through the parkland and shared path.

Council signage will be going up shortly advising of the works and closure, as well as on Councils website.

Half Moon Bay Boat Ramp

Council is also planning a project to dredge the Half Moon Bay boat ramp, that will require a closure for 24 hours.

A date has not been set yet. We will inform you of the date when we provide an update.

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