Proposed Cape Winds Offshore Wind Farm Project

VRFish have recently received an introduction to a proposed Cape Winds Offshore Wind Farm project in the Discovery Bay area by Skyborn Renewables.

The project is in the early stages of development and investigation. The project team have started the process to consider environmental impacts and technical studies. They’re also currently working through scoping and study phase with government agencies.

To ensure Victorian recreational fishers are aware of the project, we’ve included an introduction to the project below and will continue to provide fishers with updates on the project if it progresses. Formal public consultation is expected in the future.

In December, the project team will be hosting some community drop-in sessions to connect with the local community, the details can be found below.


The Cape Winds Offshore Wind Farm project is a wind farm proposed to be built offshore in the Discover Bay area, between Portland and Nelson. 

The project is in the early stages of development by Skyborn Renewables, with their partner, Australis Energy Limited through VIC Offshore Windfarm Pty Ltd.

The developers are in the early stages of development and investigation. The development of an offshore wind farm generally takes 5-10 years before the commencement of any construction/operation activity.

The project is currently being developed to be located in state waters, approximately 5.5km off the coast of Discovery Bay. The state waters development will have a capacity of around 400MW. The project is earmarked for expansion into commonwealth waters if and when a declaration is made that offshore electricity development can proceed in the area by the Federal Energy Minister.

Proposed Project Area


At offshore wind farms around the world, often recreational fishing can occur alongside an operational offshore wind farm and the structures often act as artificial reefs.

According to the project website, the project team are exploring how fishing will best proceed in the wind farm area while ensuring maritime safety is maintained and infrastructure is protected. They will continue to consult with relevant stakeholders, such as recreational fishers and water users, to ensure the right measures are in place to safely share the water.

Typically the turbines are spaced around 1km apart and are expected to take up less than 1% of the total proposed project area. The project team envisage that the turbines will be able to co-exist with ongoing recreational and commercial fisheries activities.

Regulations for navigating through offshore wind farms differ between countries, therefore local regulators will set the rules for safe navigation and decide how the waters will be shared.

FAQ responses from Cape Winds Offshore Wind Farm Project

The following questions and answers are from the project website in relation to fishing in the project area.

Will fishing be allowed in and around the wind farm?

We recognize the importance of commercial and recreational fishing in the area and are working closely with stakeholders and government agencies to ensure the fishing and the project can be co-located.

Can the foundation structures act like artificial reefs for fish and other marine life?

The structures have the potential to act as substrates that support different types of marine life. The team at Cape Winds Offshore Windfarm are actively looking at ways to increase the potential of the wind farm to contribute to enhancing the existing marine habitat values.


To discuss the proposed project with the local community, the project team are hosting three community drop-in sessions. The sessions are open to anyone who would like to speak to the project team, provide feedback, ask questions or learn more about the project.

  • Portland Surf Lifesaving Club, 8th Dec, 12 – 3pm
    1669 Bridgewater Rd, Cape Bridgewater VIC
  • Portland Yacht Club, 8th Dec, 4 – 7pm
    55 Lee Breakwater Rd, Portland VIC
  • Nelson Community Hall, 9th Dec, 12 – 3pm
    Leake Street, Nelson, VIC

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