Proposed Changes to Boating Rules at Bridgewater Lakes

Bridgewater Lakes, near Portland, forms part of one of the longest coastal lake systems in Victoria. The series of freshwater lakes are located behind coastal sand dunes and are now cut off from the sea.

The Department of Energy, Environment & Climate Action (DEECA) is the manager of the waterway and Maritime Safety Victoria (MSV) coordinates Victorian waterway managers.

DEECA, with support from MSV, are reviewing the existing boating rules at Bridgewater Lakes to ensure the safety of all users and are asking for the public to have their say on the proposed changes.

The current waterway rules at Bridgewater Lakes have been in place since 2012. The proposed rule changes were developed by DEECA and MSV in conjunction with Bridgewater Lakes user groups.

Detailed information can be found at which explains the existing rules, proposed rules, potential safety benefits, and allows you to share your feedback via an online survey.

Public consultation is open until Friday 3 March.

The DEECA website provides an overview of the waterway and link the  proposed rules information and feedback website.

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