Wear A Life Jacket When Rock Fishing

Rock fishing is a great way to go fishing, but it’s also carries risks. 

The FISHERIES (ROCK FISHING SAFETY) NOTICE 2021 requires recreational rock fishers to wear lifejackets at high-risk rock fishing platforms across the State. The objective of this notice is to improve recreational fisher safety at specified rock fishing platforms across central and western Victoria. 

The sites where life jackets are mandatory are:

  1. Rock platform near blowholes carpark at Cape Bridgewater
  2. Artillery Rocks, west of Lorne
  3. The rock platform opposite Sheoak Falls, south of Lorne
  4. Sorrento Back Beach rocks
  5. No. 16 beach at Rye back beach
  6. Cape Schanck lighthouse rocks
  7. Bushrangers Bay rocks, east of Cape Schanck
  8. Pyramid Rocks, Phillip Island.
  9. Rocks at the southern end of Potters Hill Road, San Remo
  10. Punchbowl Rocks near San Remo

Life jackets save lives and will help prevent further rock fishing deaths in Victoria. 

Life jackets must be a ‘Level 50S’ life jacket or greater (ie Type 3 or greater), be the correct size, be in good working order, and be worn correctly.

Any child under your supervision must wear a lifejacket even if they are not fishing. Children’s lifejackets must: 

• comply with the Australian Standard (AS 4758) and 

• be a Level 100 lifejacket or greater (i.e. Type 1 lifejacket or greater). 

Life jackets that sole rely on oral inflation cannot be used.

For more information, including maps outlining the 10 high-risk locations and details of compliant lifejackets, visit the Victorian Fisheries Authority website

See the full Fisheries (Rock Fishing Safety) Notice.

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