VRFish Throws Full Support Behind ‘Tackling Litter’ Program

VRFish is proud to support OzFish and their Tackling Litter programs, which targets litter prevention, reduction and recycling for the recreational fishing industry.

Litter in our local waterways is impacting fish through pollution of habitats, entanglement and mistaken for food, gathering in fish stomachs and starving them slowly. It also impacts our fishing experience, reducing our enjoyment of the natural environments we fish in, reducing fish numbers and even making some fishing spots difficult to access.

VRFish and OzFish know fishers are concerned about litter in their local waterways and its impact on fish and their habitats. From flotsam collecting in saltmarshes, to riverbank dumping, from old tackle to microplastics in fish bellies, the program is finding innovative ways for recreational fishers to get out there and be part of the solution!

The Tackling Litter program features several different programs aimed at cleaning our waterways. Two key features of the program are Tangle Bins, which give fishers the ability to put their discarded tackle closest to their favourite fishing spots. The other innovative feature provides the resources and knowledge to support recreational fishers to recycle and reuse old gear.

Click here For further information about the Tackling Litter Program.

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