Toolondo Trout Stocking Boosts Local Fishery

One of Victoria’s top trout fisheries is on the road to recovery with thousands of brown trout yearlings stocked into Lake Toolondo in the state’s west. The lake is an off-stream reservoir famous for its great trout fishing and is a popular recreational destination in the region.

The trout are the first fish stocked into the Lake Toolondo since 2019, with plans for a further 14,000 brown trout and 10,000 rainbow trout to be stocked later this year – returning the lake to the top of many Victorian trout fishers’ lists of go-to destinations.

The fish were grown at the Victorian Fisheries Authority’s (VFA) Snobs Creek hatchery near Eildon. The fish average 115 grams each and will take 6 to 12 months to grow to catchable size. The lake is located half an hour south-west of Horsham and is known for producing some of the fastest-growing trout in Victoria.

This round of trout stocking will see the lake return to being one of the top recreational fishing locations in Victoria. VRFish cannot wait to hear the stories and see the pictures of the trout everyone catches!

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