Habitat Headlines Better Fishing Plan

VRFish, the peak body representing Victoria’s 838,000 recreational fishers, welcomes with enthusiasm the latest election commitments from the Liberal-Nationals Coalition.

It is evident that calls from VRFish have been heeded by the Coalition in their pledge to invest $30 million of new funds over 4 years into restoring fish habitat in our marine, estuarine and freshwater systems via a dedicated Fish Habitat Restoration Fund.

VRFish Chair, Rob Loats said, “Our fishery needs this level of investment to grow and safeguard our fishing for the years to come”.

An investment of $30 million into restoring fish habitat will significantly boost the productivity of our fisheries, increase survival rates of stocked fish, and ensure more fish and better fishing for the long-term and generations of fishers to come.

“Habitat makes fishing happen for all Victorians fishers – whether they are fishing for native fish or trout in freshwater, black bream and flathead in estuaries or snapper and whiting along the coast.”

The Coalition stands alongside Labor in committing $7 million towards building a native fish hatchery in Shepparton and developing a recreational fishing tourism strategy for the State. Both parties have recognised the importance of recreational boating in vowing to invest all boating licence and revenue into improving boating infrastructure and abolishing all boat launching and parking fees.

Disappointingly, the Liberal-Nationals have not accepted the Gippsland Lakes Fishery is in crisis and is in urgent need of a comprehensive fish recovery plan that includes a compulsory buy-out of the commercial finfish net fishery.

The Liberal-Nationals has also committed to undertaking a review of the Victorian Recreational Fishing Licence Trust Fund to ensure that fishing licence revenue is being invested for the greatest benefit and priority to recreational fishers.

Further information on VRFish’s election policy can be found here.

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