Coast Guard Queenscliff Show Boaters the Ropes

Boating safety is crucial when heading out on the water and it’s a high priority to the volunteers at the Coast Guard Queenscliff. They are encouraging all boaters to check their lines regularly, use quality lines and update their lines as necessary.

Good ropes (lines) are not only vital when securing your boat to a mooring point or jetty, they are vital if you need assistance from another vessel at sea.

This year, the Coast Guard Queenscliff are making it easy for boaters to update their lines. Through the Coast Guard Queenscliff boaters can update to a high quality 10mm diameter, UV stabilised floating marine line with a 2000 kg breaking strain. Each line features a 100 mm eye splice at one end and 50mm back splice at the other. The experts at Coast Guard have done the splicing for you! The standard length is 5.6 metres and custom lengths can be made to order. The introductory price for the standard line is $20.00 for one line or $30.00 for two.

Queenscliff Commander Michael Donohue said, “I highly recommend this offer to boaties in our community. Suitable mooring lines are a critical aspect of vessel safety. We frequently come across vessels whose mooring lines are inappropriate for the task.”

For enquiries or to order contact John McMillan on 0419 686 044 or email [email protected]

Coast Guard Queenscliff services a wide area including the Bellarine Peninsula, southern Port Phillip and the coastal waters of Bass Strait.

The flotilla is staffed entirely by volunteers who turn out to assist vessels in distress 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

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