Seafood Baskets Put Portland Barrel SBT Season in Danger

The fishing in Portland is absolutely firing at the moment with fishers spoiled for choice to target SBT, flathead, snapper, squid, shark, among other valued species.

But how do you decide between chasing Barrel SBT or devoting the time to scoring the best seafood basket available? Braden Fisher from Compleat Angler Portland has some advice. 

“Fishing at the moment in Portland has been great where the weather has allowed. With the southern bluefin tuna really starting to show up in good numbers and sizes improving day on day. This past week has seen incredibly good responses to nearly all types of trolled lures with most anglers getting their limits very quickly. Four or even six way hook-ups are coming pretty easily.”

“There have been barrels caught all around us in recent weeks, with reports of hook ups and bust offs from these iconic fish. All these fish are being found just outside the closed fishing area from south of Lawrence Rock and around to Bridgewater Bay. Without the need to travel out wide, most SBT anglers are done for the day by around 10-11 o’clock.”

“Anglers are also bottom bouncing the deeper water (50m – 140m) and are reporting great catches of flathead, snapper, morwong and many shark species. Out in the 400m+ water blue eye, ling, gemfish and blue grenadier have been abundant.”

Ryley has caught some nice snapper off the break wall recently, ranging from 60cm – 76cm.

Recently, wild abalone tested positive for Abalone Virus Ganglioneuritis disease off the coast off Cape Nelson. In response to this, a control area was put in place along the coast of Portland from Bridgewater Bay to past Narrawong (see map below). But this shouldn’t stop you from planning a trip to Portland!

Land based fishing is still allowed on both sides of the Lee Breakwater where some spectacular catches are being taken. The seaward side of the break walls is within the Control Area, however there is a specific exemption that allows a person standing on the breakwater to cast into the control area (line fishing only).

Boat Fishing is also allowed inside the harbour with good whiting, snapper and flathead being reported. Just remember that boat fishing is not allowed outside the harbour (within the biosecurity control zone) but you can travel through it to get to the various fishing spots.

Happy fishing and good luck,
Braden Fisher
Complete Angler Portland

Abalone Virus Ganglioneuritis Control Area

Abalone Virus Ganglioneuritis Control Area

For more information, call 136 186 or read more about the Abalone Virus Ganglioneuritis alert on the Agriculture Victoria website.

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