It’s Trout Time

Anglers were on the water bright and early, lining the banks of the Goulburn River ready to hook a monster on trout opening weekend. Whether you’re an avid trout fisher, who was counting the days over winter to the first Saturday of September, or a fisher looking for a new challenge, there is no denying the growing popularity of heading to the Goulburn River to celebrate trout opening weekend.

VRFish have been tagged in countless photos by fishers celebrating the season opening, bragging about the trophy trout that hooked up their line and sharing a great day outdoors with friends and family.

Prior to trout opening weekend, VRFish joined the Victorian Fisheries Authority and Minister for Agriculture and Regional Development, Jaclyn Symes, for a special stocking of 2,000 ex-broodstock trout. This stocking saw fish stocked along the Goulburn from Molesworth to Eildon. There were 500 fish stocked in Eildon Pondage.

Fishers have been reporting that the fish aren’t too fussy. They’ve been catching them on powerbait, soft plastics, hard lures, worms and flies.

Trout Opening 2019 Thornton

Trout and salmonids have different regulations depending on the area you are fishing, including different bag limits and minimum size limits. Be sure to check out the Victorian Fisheries Authorities trout and salmon regulations page to follow the rules for your favourite fishing spot!

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