Anglers Give Back to Fish Habitat

For almost four years, recreational fishers have been improving riparian land across Victoria through the Angler Riparian Partnerships Program (ARPP). It’s been fantastic to see so many of our members and fishers get involved in the program and give back through habitat to the fishery we love.

The Victorian Government has invested $1-million into the Angler Riparian Partnerships Program over four years (2016/17 to 2019/20) through Victoria’s water plan, Water for Victoria. The ARPP allows fishers to partner with the nine regional catchment management authorities (CMAs), landholders and local communities to deliver works to improve riparian land along waterways in areas of local priority to fishers.

Since the program commenced, 750 people have participated in the ARPP. This includes the involvement of more than 110 angling club members and community groups.

Works undertaken as part of the projects typically include stock management fencing, revegetation, rubbish removal and weed management.

The Angler Riparian Partnerships Program’s achievements in Year 3 include:

  • Works were delivered works along 14 Victorian waterways.
  • 62 angling clubs and community groups partnered with CMAs
  • Over 420 people were involved
  • 7600 native trees and shrubs planted
  • Controlled 63 hectares of weeds
  • Cleaned-up a truckload of rubbish
  • Projects fenced five kilometres of waterway

If you are keen to want to get more involved in fish habitat, there are many avenues you can participate. From making contact with your local Catchment Management Authorities through to direct contact with organisation such as OzFish Unlimited, Native Fish Australia and the Australian Trout Foundation is a great start.

Below is a video from the Barwon River Planting day, on 13 July 2019, which saw VRFish and recreational anglers partner with the Corangamite CMA to plant thousands of native tree, shrubs and grasses along the banks of the lower Barwon River.

Here is further video explaining why more anglers are getting involved with making their fishery better through habitat – and working in partnership with our catchment managers.

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